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actiTIME is a free web based timesheet for project management and billing
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ActiTIME is a time management/billing application for Windows. The application takes a whole new approach at allowing you to track the time you spend working on projects.
It installs a database server on your Windows computer. Everything you do is done in a web browser. You can add your clients to the database and then start creating projects. When you start a project, you need to create a new task. The application will then ask you who the customer is and what project the task belongs to. You can then add deadlines to each task within a project and even change the billing type to Billable or Non-Billable. When you are working on a task, it will be saved into Open Tasks. There, you can edit, delete, or complete it. When a project is done, you can also create reports about it and then archive it. You can always go back to the details. There are many other features for managing your time and your expenses while on the job.

ActiTIME 1.5 Basic is the standard, free version, but there are two more. They are more complete. However, they all share a common ground. They are based on a web platform which is extremely stable. There is support for multiple users and you can even configure a single computer to serve as a server for other users in your company or workgroup to log in and track their time usage.

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